To allow my KS backers to see how I’ve invested the temporal latitude they offered me, I’ve wrote you a little report for “Symrik Helwig’s diaries” project.


June  : kickstarter campaign succesfully funded


July- mid august : writing 40 000 words

Mid-august to mid-september: revision, correction, 2nd revision

fond intro2 accueil accueil3 pages intro

Mid-august to October : defining layout, drawing, color, programming, testing

November : pause for ice carving in Belgium

December: release of the French version of the first part (7 000 words), building the shop on for the book.

January- february: revision of the translated text and integration of the text while working for living out of graphic arts and ice and snow carving.

As you can see, there is a lot to do to and the KS funds were used in the first 3-4 months. After that, I’ll have to continue the way I use to work, in between contracts, so it takes more time to do everything.  But I like it so, inevitably, it’ll be all out and pursue the creation of this exciting story.  It is sure that if it was a normal book, it would have been out in September, but it isn’t so I take the time it takes to make the best job possible.  Great efforts bring great realization!