Since I was little , I contemplate life and I compare it with what I am. I marvel at the complexity of what surrounds me and its infinite variety in the micro and macro universe . I just gazed without necessarily asking me questions about my role. I undertook projects without asking questions about the usefulness of these actions because it is my nature to initiate, create, play God in my limitations . But one day an event triggered THE question: why? A question initiated by the abrupt end of the Earth Adventure of Vincent Ryan Allard, crushed under the wheels of a bus in the city of Sherbrooke on an ordinary but frozen evening of November. Ice, this ephemeral threat had put an end to this extraordinary potential of flesh and spirit that was the friend with whom I undertook . I was 19 , he 20. An introspective hurricane assailed me with strength and swept my preconceptions.

 Zapada pe timp de noapte de Peter Griffin

At that time, I was studying science and thus my vision was tinged cold pragmatism. The survivors find solace against the injustices of life with rationnal explanations. I then embarked on a kind of quest of active reflection that took me out of my daily life and taught me to live . Here are some points of view.

What is existence? Why live ? Why bother? To all this , I now answer ” to accomplish .” One must grow , reach the summit of our own destiny. This does not necessarily imply success as we know it in the american dream, but more as a successful life. There are those who succeed in life , others succeed their lives. On our death bed , during the Great Count , we must have a greater amount of good days against the unhappy days. And to achieve this goal , we must constantly work to flourish . You must find your axis of development and invest in it fully. Because when you push in this axis, the work is not a chore, it’s an accomplishment.

Living is a luxury, a extraordinary luck. Better enjoy it , to fructify this potentially unique opportunity to experience life on earth , in conscience and consequence.

Alex S Girard - à l'attaque!

But why tell you this? Good question. One of my axis of development is to share, I think. But also, I’m often told that I live a good life. However, I have my lot of pain and hardship as everyone. I want to demonstrate that it is through effort that  accomplishment takes place . And writing is one. I could just keep it for myself, but this is not enough. Once you are in the path of personal growth , I think the logical consequence is to bring it to the level of the collective fulfillment . However, through my efforts, I built this venue and I will fill it with reflections and inspiring projects for you and me, I hope. First step : share my vision of life, short version.

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1 However, it is rational that pushed me to get back quickly for this event. For the record, the day of the exhibition of the body of my friend, the chance wanted the mortician was a person to whom I gave a ” lift on the go” a few months earlier . He told me of his task and the difficulty posed by the case of my friend , who had come to him rather badly developed. He told me that it took him 4 hours instead of 45 minutes, he had to put a cardboard box to simulate a ribcage , the facial skin was folded as a mask for end autopsy … well … he spoke this as we speak of a home renovations . I listened without experiencing particular pain , being well aware that the friend did not suffer from these manipulations while being really interested in the vagaries of this unusual art. Then , ultimately, the body of the friend who was there in the coffin at the end of the aisle , was a shell of flesh. The entity known and loved , was now dissolved in the Whole. So yes, the rational can desensitize a form of pain, but does not explain everything .