I like to read motivational texts.

A verbal kick in the ass can be useful to reminds us that we can always improve our working methods to achieve our goals . It’s a push in the right direction towards fulfillment.

Some despise the spiritual psychopop of  Coelho or Castaneda, but denying that it may be useful at different times of life would be throwing the baby out with the bathwater . There are also the pep talks such as the neuro-linguistic programming of the Anthony Robins of this world. It makes the job from time to time .

Now , I like the speech of people working in the concrete . Someone who talks about applied discourse, you know,  business  and personnal applicable. And since self-fulfillment , success in life is no small busines , reading mantras for all of these aspects can be inspiring.

I discovered Chris Lema recently in my quest to achieve my project of micro-philanthropy and ultimately undertake active production of Cymrik Aylwig . His blog is interesting for the “applied” part of the web world and freelancer aspect, but the appendix “40 mantras ” is not bad for all aspects of life.

Bonne découverte.