Intemporal, tome 1, part 1

Intemporal, tome 1, part 1


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“Intemporal” is an adventure novel set in a world where the borders between fantasy and science fiction mix. The Empress of an ancient People, motivated by a desire to unify the galaxy, asks Symrik Helwig, a scientific adventurer in search of adrenaline and meaning, to write his memoirs in order to assist her future allies discover her world.


This Bookapp was designed with the possibilities of interactivity in mind. Although it is not a game, it is possible to explore its content in order to enhance the story. Almost all the images are clickable. By tapping on them, you can appreciate the details of an illustration in a larger format; sometimes sliding your finger will animate it. In short, be adventurous!

After a year of reprogramming the app, it is finally available for Android et iPad.
The iPad version contain easaly accessible french and english text. Usefull to compare and learn!

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Android / iPad (available shortly)


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